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F Gas certification

September 29th, 2009 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News, Air Conditioning Inspections

ACI Reports now have the capacity to undertake F Gas certification in addition to their air conditioning assessment core business. Chris Rodgers has made it clear  to the growing network of clients and panel members that the Company seeks to extend its services beyond AC Reports into F Gas certification and legionella testing/certification. Client demand is starting to show through for a one stop shop of compliance in this sector, moving towards CRC compliance next year. 

The law now that all businesses and individuals completing the installation and servicing of refrigeration, air-conditioning or heat pump equipment ( SCAC work ) , which contains or is designed to contain F Gas refrigerants, must be fully trained and certified to do so. As an industry standard all businesses must obtain a company certificate as evidence that they are allowed to conduct this work , we at ACI Reports not only train to high standards but undertake ACI's and F Gas inspections .

You could need a company certificate now ! If your business does not have a company certificate by 4th July 2009, your company may  be subject to Local Authority enforcement. You are under strict obligations if you are an operator of SRAC equipment and if you are not certified you will be placing yourself and your customers at risk.  

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