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ELCAS ex forces funding first TM44 Air conditioning Assessor course

December 22nd, 2009 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News, Air Conditioning Inspections

The first ex forces candidate to be funded through the ELCAS scheme to join the ACI Panel has now passed through, we at ACI Reports are delighted with this and seek more ex forces ELCAS people to join up. There is a wealth of knowledge in people coming out of the forces, they are ideal in terms of timekeeping, working to set time lines and are smart in appearance, all good for the type of business that we run. Other providers train ex forces but nobody provides ongoing work once the training is complete, with ex forces personnel we have not come across anyone who does not need a training programme to get accreditation. We would of course accept anyone who was already qualified or became qualified elsewhere, provided we were satisfied with the quality of training and experience in the a/c sector.

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