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ACI Reports have uncovered a “black hole” in the Professional Indemnity insurance being offered my many self-employed Assessors.

November 25th, 2011 | By Chris

ACI Reports have uncovered a “black hole” in the Professional Indemnity insurance being offered my many self-employed Assessors and small Organisations offering to undertake TM44 Air Conditioning Reports. ACI Reports carry £5 million Professional Indemnity cover for their surveys, including £10 million Public Liability and £10 million Employers Liability cover. However, some Accreditation bodies are offering small companies and self-employed Assessors what is known as “pay per click” insurance. On the face of it this insurance is valid, although it has a limit as low as £50,000, and has no PL and EL sections to it, leaving the Employer at risk. What ACI Reports have uncovered is that the insurance is “paid for” as each Assessment is lodged with the Accreditation Body to be transferred to Landmark.

As Mandatory Lodgements only come into force in April 2012 many Companies are choosing not to lodge, what this means is that the Assessors are not paying their “pay per click” cover, the result being that there is no Professional indemnity Insurance in place.

This puts Clients at enormous risk, and the problem does not end there. The likelihood of a report being invalid is higher with self-employed individuals taking direct instructions, as there is no audit process in place; we at ACI Reports audit 100% of all reports undertaken by our A/C Assessors, we are therefore of the belief that using a “one man band” could leave a Client Company with a claim and no insurance to cover the problem. Companies seeking Air Conditioning Assessment quotations should always ask to see a copy of the PI certificate, and refuse to accept “pay per click” cover unless evidence of paying for the PI insurance is provided by the Air Conditioning Reporting Company.

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