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Trading Standards Issue Notices For No TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Certificates

May 24th, 2012 By Chris | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections

A flurry of new instructions arrived from retailers in April and May, the result of Trading Standards issuing notices on just about every retailer in a Hartlepool Shopping Centre. Activity is certainly picking up now that lodging of reports is mandatory.

Northern Ireland has always been a hotspot for Trading Standards with retailers in particular being issued with a notice for not having a TM44; in Liverpool local Councillors have been calling for tougher action, so expect TM44 visits to start to occur. We can undertake emergency visits anywhere but do urge Organisations to plan ahead- our rates will be lower and if you do get a knock on the door, at least you can prove that you have a planned programme in place.

We do get calls from potential clients who are confused about what an Air Conditioning Assessment actually is – they say things like “my maintenance company will have done this” or “its all to do with F Gas reporting, and R22 replacement programmes, we have done it”. To be clear, a TM44 Air Conditioning Assessment is neither of these things, it’s a certificate that must be produced and lodged on a Government database every 5 years – undertaken be a qualified Assessor (at the correct grade level) in an independent manner. .


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