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Incidence of TM44 Air Conditioning Assessments notices and emergency TM44s in the City of London and Canary Wharf on the increase.

Feb 06th, 2013 By Jack | Category:  TM44 Enforcement

Trading Standards activity is on the increase in many areas of the UK, and ACI Reports have direct knowledge of e-mails and notices regarding TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections being sent out in Liverpool, Nottingham, Central London and Canary Wharf recently.

Building owners and Operators need to be aware that Trading Standards normally issue a 7 day notice to produce a TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Report, which can catch out someone with numerous buildings in Central London for instance. The other incidence, which has caused Tenants in Canary Wharf a headache is the loss of ISO 14001 – a “default” notice will be issued by the external British Standards Auditor who checks the ISO 14001 audit, if no Air Conditioning Assessment report is in place. Bearing in mind security arrangements and access issues on Data Centres, Banks, Insurance Companies and other large Institutional buildings in the City and Greater London, timing could be an issue.

ACI Reports have produced TM44 inspections on many complex buildings in and around London City Centre, including secure Data Centres and have TM44 Assessors who have high level security clearances. We advise Clients to get organised now and become legally compliant before Trading Standards issue a weekly fine.

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