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Trading Standards hit Swansea on TM44 7 day notices.

Feb 18th, 2012 By JP | Category:  TM44 Enforcement

ACI Reports have been contacted in the past two weeks by a number of our National Retail clients to say they had trading Standards call into their store asking for sight of the TM44 air Conditioning Assessment certificate. This was followed up by the issue of a “non-compliance” notice, and a request to provide the certificate within 7 days. Luckily, existing clients were able to call us and we have copies of all documents on secure servers, and could therefore respond straight away. One client, who we are undertaking a national rollout of TM44 certificates for, called us. We spoke to Trading Standards, informed them about the rollout and they were pleased to see that the client was aiming to complete all TM44s this year. The only request was that we send the Swansea report over as soon as we could.

ACI Reports, as part of the TM44 service, always offer to deal directly with Trading Standards, and they do listen. Over the past 12 months Trading Standards have been calling into retailers within the following towns;

• Hastings
• All of Northern Ireland, but particularly in Belfast
• Hartlepool
• Birmingham
• Swansea

There may be more towns, the above are where we have been directly involved. We have also found lately that major Landlords have been writing, demanding to see the TM44 Certificate. This has particularly been the case in Scotland, since the introduction of the TM44 Report in January 2013.

What therefore seems to be the main drivers at the moment for clients, in terms of importance. In our opinion, bearing in mind ACI Reports undertakes over 100 TM44 Reports each week, the following is the order;

1. Compliance – PLCs and the Public Sector do not want to be seen to get fined. Many web sites extol the virtues of using the PLC, and state their green credentials, they do not want the reputational damage.

2. Fines – At £300 per building, the fines are not heavy, but they can repeat every 7 days, and for building Portfolio owners, there is always the chance of a fine on the whole Portfolio. This has not happened yet, but there is nothing stopping Trading Standards making an example of a PLC.

3. ISO 14001 – as renewals come up, we get emergency calls from Organisations who have been served a non-compliance notice curing an ISO 14001 audit.

4. Sale of buildings – Solicitors are starting to pick up that there is no TM44 in place; this creates an “emergency TM44” situation; we often undertake an EPC at the same time.

5. As part of an Energy Audit. Some forward thinking companies are using our Low Carbon Consultants to look at how to improve their carbon footprint – the real driver for this being cost reduction. We generally undertake a DEC and TM44 at the same time.

6. The other hundreds of reasons are too numerous to list, but statistically it is interesting to note that TM44 compliance is the main driver.



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