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ESOS gears up for Assessor Accreditation, ACI Reports advises Clients
Apr 15, 2014 By JE | Category: EPBD

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (‘ESOS’) is a new regulation being introduced to comply with Article 8 of the European Energy Efficiency Directive and will come into force in 2014. In line with Article 8 of the Directive, the scheme will require all large enterprises in the UK to undertake energy efficiency audits by December 2015, and thereafter at least once every four years. Details of the Government’s proposals were published in a Consultation Document in July 2013 as monitored by ACI Reports, who will be training staff Assessors as soon as training criteria is established. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (‘DECC’) will publish its Government Response to the ongoing consultation and bring forward legislation to give effect to the scheme by May 2014 if it hits target. The Government is not far off appointing a contract to develop and run a process to assess whether professional bodies have adequate systems in place to determine that energy auditing professionals they endorse meet the level of competence established by PAS 51215 (a BSI standard shortly to be finalised).

The Government is currently evaluating professional bodies who wish to have their registers of energy professionals recognised for the purposes of ESOS. This will include ACI Reports ESOS energy professionals. The proposed approvals mechanism for the first phase of ESOS will operate from June to December 2014, although this may be extended. During that time professional bodies and energy specialists such as ACI Reports will be able to submit details of registers of energy professionals for approval. The approvals mechanism is currently being established to ensure that there is a sufficient number of approved lead auditors to allow large undertakings to comply with the ESOS scheme by December 2015. In this respect, interested clients are encouraged to get in touch with ACI Reports so that forward planning can take place.

ACI Reports have developed bespoke software called SiteSmart to collect data which will speed up the process and remove margins of error, all through Cloud Based “App” technology.

ACI Reports Ltd sees increasing interest in the ESOS The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, EPBD Regulations coming into force in 2014 and 2015, read more>


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