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How do I find a suitable ESOS Lead Assessor? – update at September 2014
Sep 23, 2014 By JD | Category: EPBD

As at September 2014 none are properly qualified, despite what is being touted around the internet, the training courses are not fully set yet and the TM (Technical Manual) has not been released by the Environment Agency, so the courses cannot know the detail of what is required. Talk to Chris Rodgers at ACI Reports and we will give you facts and proposed dates for launch.

Who’s going to carry out my ESOS audit?

You can either use an external consultant or appoint an in-house staff member to do the job. At ACI Reports, we do not mind either way. We are a high volume surveying company and will happily undertake data gathering using our bespoke SiteSmart App, undertake Energy Audits on buildings, or our suggested low cost route, DEC audits for ESOS.

Do ESOS auditors need to be accredited?

Your Lead Assessor or Lead Auditor must be accredited through a professional body, no-one is yet accredited at September 2014, and is unlikely to be accredited until November or December. This does not stop a company starting preparation though. Our mantra is to not over complicate what is a straightforward exercise. If you are caught by ESOS you must have a Lead Assessor to undertake various roles in relation to your ESOS Assessment. The exception to this is where a participant has an ISO50001 certified Energy Management System meeting the criteria outlined in DECC’s ESOS Guide. We can send you a copy of the latest guidance, just mail us. Lead Assessors/Auditors must belong to a register of energy professionals approved by the Environment Agency. This is not yet published.

Is it better to go with a consultant or keep it in-house?

If you have an energy team, much of the background work can be done in house, particularly in gathering power consumption and invoice data, transport consumption etc. There is then the building surveys, the best way of keeping costs down is to commission ACI Reports to undertake ESOS DECS, and this can be started now. CIBSE are suggesting that sampling of buildings will be allowed, but this is not stated in the Statutory Instrument which governs the legislation, and is therefore untested at this time. An answer on sampling with ESOS will only be forthcoming when the Environment Agency issue its TM (Technical Manual).

ACI Reports can supply a Lead Assessor to guide you, yet leave your team to undertake much of the background work, or simply keep the Lead Assessor role in house and we will do the building surveys.

I just want to comply, our Energy Team are perfectly capable of dealing with minimising energy use – what’s the least cost route?

Lots of companies and consultancies out there are making this whole ESOS legislation complicated. ACI Reports are all about making things simple. If you are satisfied that you are doing all that you can already, talk to us about stripping this legislation down to managing the process, making the most of the data which will be gathered, but using ESOS as just another part of your energy saving strategy.

Can ACI Reports provide any added value?

Absolutely, we have multi-discipline qualified surveyors who can undertake TM44 Air Conditioning Assessments, EPCs, F Gas Registers and data gathering for Energy Assessments whilst they are in a building doing ESOS DECs, call us for more advice on making the use of being in a building with a qualified Assessor.



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