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Large organisations - prepare yourself for a stack of energy policies which only seems to lengthen – the new ESOS scheme is about to bite!
Sep 10, 2014 By JD | Category: EPBD

DECS, CRC, EU ETS, CCAs, TM44s, Energy Act 2018 and now ESOS – that’s a lot of Legislation to get your head round!

Each of these schemes calls for an understanding of energy consumption in some form or other. But with ISO 50001 being recognised internationally as the best practice method for managing energy, having a certified EnMS will put you in a great position to comply with these and any other future schemes. Its expensive though, and on-going. ACI Reports cuts through all that complex stuff to make things simple, reports Jack Davies.

The latest of these schemes, launched in June this year, is the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme or ESOS – and the first compliance date is 5th December 2015. The Environment Agency has just launched its September 2014 guidance notes, and the fines are tough!

What does it demand?

Every big enterprise in Britain (with 250+ employees or an annual turnover in excess of €50 million and a balance sheet in excess of €43 million) has to get an energy audit of their buildings, industrial processes and transport once every four years by law. ISO 50001 is a recognised compliance route for the newly launched Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, say some people, ACI Reports say that unless you are already on this route, forget it and go down the DEC ESOS and Lead Assessor route.

With ESOS, there is no requirement to actually act on any of the recommendations in the energy audits. One of the benefits of using ISO 50001 to comply with ESOS is that it helps Organisations to develop a framework to implement the most appropriate energy savings measures identified in the energy audits, and start to make real energy and cost savings, but it’s a long term and expensive commitment.

The full ACI Reports ESOS DEC scheme has now been launched, mail us for information on and don’t over complicate yet another piece of Legislation, that’s actually quite simple to deal with.

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