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Trading Standards issue TM44 Air Conditioning Assessment non-compliance notices in Coleraine, Northern Ireland.

Nov 17, 2014 By JD | Category: TM44 Enforcement

Coleraine in Northern Ireland is the next big push on TM44 Enforcement as ACI Reports can confirm that two of our large portfolio High Street clients have received notices in the district this last month. TM44 non-compliance notices are not something new in NI, there were a spate of them two years ago, mainly in Belfast. ACI Reports undertook a batch of emergency TM44 inspections at that time and are now doing the same in the Coleraine area. We stress to our clients, particularly those with a high profile such as High Street, Universities, Hospitals and Local Government that they are easy targets for Trading Standards to target. Of course, they do not even have to door knock, Trading Standards can simply look on Landmark as all the more recent TM44s are lodged there. Since 2011 for a TM44 report to be valid, it must be lodged on Landmark and is therefore in the Public Domain. Anyone can check up on who is and is not TM44 compliant.

If in Northern Ireland without a valid TM44, watch out for that Trading Standards officer coming to knock on your door.

ACI Reports urge non-compliant businesses with more than 12kw of AC to plan ahead, it is much more cost effective to have a planned TM44 Assessment programme than to pay for emergency surveys.

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