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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MMES) for commercial non-domestic buildings are just around the corner.

May 14, 2015 By JE | Category:  Category: EPBD

In 2018, less than 3 years from now, the MMES Legislation will come into force, like it or not. The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard has been set at an EPC Grade E and any large building portfolio operator who ignores this is heading for trouble, say ACI Reports. The final enactment of the MMES Legislation commenced in March 2015 and will introduce a restriction in England and Wales on letting properties that do not meet the minimum requirements. Landlords are going to be forced to improve their properties upon lease renewal or upon signing a new lease.

ACI Reports have designers who will advise on the lowest cost of achieving the E Grading, and there are many ways of doing this leaving consideration of how to upgrade until the last minute may be a costly mistake; Landlords are urged to act now or pay the price. For Commercial property, the requirement for MMES begins from 1st April 2018. It applies to all properties that require an EPC, including retail properties. We undertake SBEM design and predicted EPC design/advice every day of the week.

On retail, the EPC will be based on shell and core, so the EPC Grade E challenge is even greater. Typically, the EPC methodology will consider a base fit out only, especially if the final fit out is unknown.

Landlords are urged to complete MMES EPC work whilst property is vacant; if works need to take place upon lease renewal it will be more costly, again something to think about now.

The Government is committed to Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MMES) and ACI Reports can help you navigate your way around the Legislation, as we have been doing for many years for retained Clients.

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