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ACI Reports note the demise of a number of companies with Building Compliance divisions, notably Utilitywise and Carrillion

Feb 2, 2019 By ACI Reports | Category: EPBD

which will leave their TM44, EPC and Display Energy Certificate (DEC) Clients in a situation where reports will remain incomplete. Display Energy Certificates in particular have annual renewals which need to be lodged on the Government Landmark database. ACI Reports are able to take over where customers have been let down by Utilitywise, call our team or drop us an email and we will ensure that mandatory compliance is kept in order.

 TM44ACI Reports are the leading TM44 provider in the UK and undertake DECs for many Clients. Importantly, we are financially robust, independent and provide compliance reporting to the largest PLCs and Government Bodies throughout UK and Eire.

Projects are priced on a same day basis, we will not let you down.


February 2019
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Beware of the EPC requirements on commercial buildings, just around the corner.

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