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The following press release from the European Commission has been issued very recently and strengthens the E.U. resolve to remove HFCs from the E.U. It follows that there will be consequences to the U.K. and as ACI Reports tracks what is happening with this emerging legislation, existing and new clients will be informed of the implications.

12th, 2012 | By JP | Category: F Gas R22 HFCs

We are informed that the ACRIB F Gas Implementation Group will issue a statement in the not too distant future.

The European Commission took an important step today towards long-term climate objectives by presenting a proposal to significantly reduce emissions of fluorinated gases (F-gases). Emissions of F-gases, which have a warming effect up to 23,000 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, have risen by 60% since 1990, while all other greenhouse gases have been reduced. The proposed Regulation aims to reduce F-gas emissions by two-thirds of today's levels by 2030. It also bans the use of F-gases in some new equipment, such as household fridges, where viable more climate-friendly alternatives are readily available.

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Rochdale Exchange shopping centre gets its house in order? 

5th, 2012 | By CR | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections

Following on from shopping centres being a good target for Trading Standards such as Hartlepool earlier this year, ACI Reports are seeing more Landlords forcing, as best they can, Tenants to get TM44 air conditioning Inspections in place. The latest to do this is Rochdale Exchange, where the Landlord has written to all tenants asking for compliance with needing to have an a/c Assessment undertaken.

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Do you have a valid TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Report? 

20th, 2012 | By Neil, ACI Reports Health & Safety Officer | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections

Electrical contractor killed whilst examining faulty air conditioning unit

The Health & Safety Executive has reported this week that an electrical contractor received a fatal electric shock whilst examining a faulty air conditioning unit at premises owned and controlled by a Metropolitan Borough Council. Investigation found that the Council had failed to maintain the air conditioning unit in a safe condition, despite having had knowledge of its condition for some time. Also, this was the second electrocution on premises under control of the Council in 5 years.

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ACI Reports NEBOSH Health & Safety Appointment 

20th, 2012 | By JP | Category: ACI Reports News

As part of our on-going commitment to excellence in Health & Safety, ACI Reports are pleased to announce that they have now employed a fully qualified in house NEBOSH inspector. Neil Ormesher has been with ACI for two months and is reviewing all Health & Safety procedures for our Air Conditioning Assessors, EPC and DEC staff. As part of this commitment, ACI Reports are not only accredited with Altius, which has been in place for two years now, but Neil is overseeing the more recent registration we have with Safe Contractor and Constructionline.

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Universities in England, Wales and Scotland strive to become compliant on TM44s 

7th, 2012 | By Linda | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections

As many are aware, the deadline in Scotland for a TM44 to be in place is almost upon us, being January 2013, and at ACI Reports we are seeing a number of these Institutions seeking prices, although there does still appear to be a lack of awareness. We have now completed a number of Universities and Colleges in England and Wales, the Scottish work is now starting to come through, and we have the skills to undertake this sometimes complex work in what are often Listed buildings.

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European Legislation tightens further 

7th, 2012 | By Chris | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections, EPBD

Throughout Europe the EPBD and related Legislation is continuing to tighten, with increasing pressure from Brussels on the need for all Member States to strengthen their resolve in tackling Climate Change.

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DCLG TM44 Policy update sets the scene for Trading Standards non - Compliance Notices, Enforcement, Fines  

15th, 2012 | By Chris | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections, TM44 Enforcement

Policy update 5 issued not long ago deals with how CLG intend to start dealing with those Air Conditioning Operators who are flouting the law by not having a TM44 certificate in place. Mandatory lodgement came in this April, together with a revised TM44 and the policy update, which is a good informative update for effected Operators to read, the question & answer section gives a Government view. Reading between the lines, ACI are of the opinion that this is the start of a TM44 compliance campaign which will see more action. ACI Reports are getting increasing numbers of calls from building operators who have had a letter or visit from compliance officers.

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TM44 European Directive toughens up on conflict of interest "Independant Experts"  

Sept 15th, 2012 | By Chris |Category: Air Conditioning Inspections, EPBD

There has been long running confusion in the Air Conditioning Inspection market as to who can undertake an Assessment, some Air Conditioning maintenance contractors have been offering to undertake surveys for their retained clients; we at ACI Reports have always sent out the message that this is a clear conflict of interest and does not meet the requirements of the EPBD legislation, which originally stated that the Assessments should be undertaken in an “independent manner”. The legislation is becoming more strict and earlier this year a re-draft was issued. For the benefits of all potential ACI clients we state below what the re-draft actually says, interestingly the words “Independent Experts” have now been given over to a specific paragraph in the re-draft;

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ISO 14001 and ISO 18001 call for TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections

Sept 8th, 2012 | By Chris | Category:  Air Conditioning Inspections

ACI Reports are finding a continuing demand from clients who are falling foul of audits for BSI and both ISO 14001 and ISO 18001, due to not having an Air Conditioning Inspection to a compliant standard, and meeting TM44 requirements. This results in assessments being requested urgently, with the result that building owners are paying a higher price than they would if the TM44 was ordered on a planned basis. Apart from the standard £300 fine (which is repeatable at the discretion of Trading Standards) the lack of a “lodged” compliant report could cause delays in annual ISO audits, which could cause a company to have trading issues.

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TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Landmark Database Lodgement Statistics.

August 8th, 2012 | By CR | Category: ACI Reports News

Statistics on the Government Landmark Lodgement Database indicate that ACI Reports are lodging over 45% of all TM44 Assessments Reports onto their database for the UK, month in, month out.

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Audit of Assessors raises stakes in TM44 reporting.

August 8th, 2012 | By CR | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections

The Accreditation bodies that monitor the activities of Air Conditioning Assessors are currently going through an exercise of auditing all A/C Assessors on their books – don’t be surprised when large numbers of Assessors who are not up to scratch get struck off. We have trained over 140 Air Conditioning Assessors, we have then gone on to retain a fair number of them within our business and continued with CPD.

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Greenhouse Gas Regulations (GHG) Explained – Urgent action required for Quoted Companies, as defined under the Companies Act. 

Jul 4th, 2012 By CR | Category:  F-Gas

In 2012 the Government announced that it would introduce regulations requiring Companies to report on their greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Climate Change Act 2008. This brief note sets out the consequences and how ACI Reports can help, with the introduction of its SiteSmart data gathering, F Gas “Log” production software, and its automatic production of an F Gas Register. Initially the regulations will apply to all quoted companies, as defined under the Companies Act 2006.1.

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EU environment committee votes to ban HFCs, which is going to effect the U.K. 

Jun 26th, 2012 By NOrm | Category:  F-Gas

The European Parliament's environment committee has voted to ban HFCs in new equipment from 2020. The overwhelming vote by 48 votes to 19 is the latest stage in the planned revisions to the F-gas Regulations but will still have to be ratified by Parliament. However, this is likely to go through, on the basis that the U.K. Government is determined to see itself as a “Green Party” leading up to the next election.

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Trading Standards Issue Notices For No TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Certificates.

May 24th, 2012 | By CR | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections, TM44 Enforcement

A flurry of new instructions arrived from retailers in April and May, the result of Trading Standards issuing notices on just about every retailer in a Hartlepool Shopping Centre. Activity is certainly picking up now that lodging of reports is mandatory.

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TM44 Air Conditioning Assessments – Mandatory Lodgement of Reports Now In Force.

April 12th, 2012 | By JP | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections

The next step in toughening up on policing non-compliance of Air Conditioning has now taken place – this takes the form of mandatory lodgement. TM44 Assessments became law in January 2011 but it was option whether the report had to be lodged on the Government Landmark database, this is the central register where all EPCs and DECs are held.

Statistics on the Government Landmark Lodgement Database indicate that ACI Reports are lodging over 45% of all TM44 Assessments Reports onto their database for the UK, month in, month out.

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ACI Reports have just completed a portfolio of TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections on some of the largest buildings in the City of London.

March 3rd, 2012 | By Chris Category: ACI Reports News

This group of 9 bank buildings comprises a few of the largest single TM44 reports undertaken in the City to date; ACI Reports cannot disclose the client due to strict confidentiality and security, but we have been delighted to have undertook the Portfolio.

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ACI Reports are able to report that they had an excellent 2011.

February 20th, 2012 By Chris  | Category: ACI Reports News

ACI Reports are able to report that they had an excellent 2011 with mainly Blue Chip clients placing multiple orders throughout the UK, with significant numbers coming from Northern Ireland and Scotland. We have also seen some of the larger Portfolio clients continuing with work into Southern Ireland to ensure that all building stock is taken care of.

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ACI Reports have uncovered a “black hole” in the Professional Indemnity insurance being offered my many self-employed Assessors.

November 25th, 2011 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News

ACI Reports have uncovered a “black hole” in the Professional Indemnity insurance being offered my many self-employed Assessors and small Organisations offering to undertake TM44 Air Conditioning Reports. ACI Reports carry £5 million Professional Indemnity cover for their surveys, including £10 million Public Liability and £10 million Employers Liability cover. However, some Accreditation bodies are offering small companies and self-employed Assessors what is known as “pay per click” insurance. On the face of it this insurance is valid, although it has a limit as low as £50,000, and has no PL and EL sections to it, leaving the Employer at risk. What ACI Reports have uncovered is that the insurance is “paid for” as each Assessment is lodged with the Accreditation Body to be transferred to Landmark.

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CLG have announced Mandatory lodgement of TM44 air conditioning reports will come into force from 6st April 2012.

Oct 20th, 2011 | By JP | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections, EPBD

After delays CLG (Communities and Local Government) has announced mandatory lodgements of TM44 air conditioning inspection reports will come in to force from 6th April 2012.

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Liverpool City Council turn up the heat on TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections.

Oct 20th, 2011 | By Chris | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections, TM44 Enforcement

In a statement issued in Liverpool on 17th October, it has become clear that the council is taking its Air Conditioning Fines seriously;

“Liverpool Trading Standards have been offering advice to owners of buildings with air conditioning systems which are affected by these regulations, “ said Councillor Tim Moore, cabinet member for the environment and climate change.

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Companies pulled up for lack of Air Conditioning Inspection Report in ISO 18001 check.

October 10th, 2011 | By Chris | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections   

Many organizations are implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) as part of their risk management strategy to address changing legislation and protect their workforce, we at ACI have had an instance recently where a Client Company was specifically asked for its Air conditioning Assessment Report during an 18001 audit. This is yet another reason for responsible compliant Companies to obtain Air conditioning Assessments on their a/c.

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CLG Toughening up of Accreditation Scheme Audit Processes.

October 10th, 2011 | By Chris | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections

ECMK, Sterling and Stroma , all top Accreditation schemes for EPCs, DECs and ACIs have all been informing ACI Reports how the Government Inspectors are toughening up their audit processes as part of the EPB legislation. Continued pressure means that it will be harder to qualify, CPD in the compliance sector will be more stringent and audit processes within the Accreditation schemes will be pored over by CLG.

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ACI Reports Appointed Altius Vendor Member.

October 10th, 2011 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News  

Altius is a high level Health & Safety accreditation organisation who demand only the best in terms of supplier quality. ACI Reports are proud to be able to inform all their Air Conditioning Assessment clients that they have achieved the status of Approved Altius Vendor.

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Scotland gears up for TM44 Air Conditioning Assessments

22nd, 2011 | By Chris | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections  

4th January 2012 deadline for Scotland Air Conditioning Surveys. This time last year saw a massive rush in England and Wales for Companies, Schools, Colleges, Universities and Hospitals to gear up and become compliant by obtaining an Air Conditioning Assessment.

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Mandatory lodgement of TM44 air conditioning reports from 1st July 2011 have now been delayed.

June 20th, 2011 | By JP | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections  

CLG has announced; "It has not been possible to introduce changes on 1st July, however, and it is now our intention to bring the changes into force as soon as possible."

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Use of data Gatherers in air conditioning inspections is prohibited.

May 16th, 2011 | By JP | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections  

CLG (Communities and Local Government) announced on the 16th of May that the use of data Gatherers in air conditioning inspections is immediately banned. At ACI reports, we are delighted to see this ban as we had come across companies with one or two qualified assessors signing off reports from head office without visiting site. Trading standards and the CLG will now not stand for this practice and clients will now be ensured that they get a professional outcome in their TM44 report.

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ACI Reports receives an TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection order for 370 High Street Stores

October 11th, 2010 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News

“An order has been placed this week by a Multiple High Street Jeweller for ACI Reports to produce air conditioning assessments on 370 of its portfolio of 547 stores. Jol Pearson of ACI states that “ We were put through a thorough tendering process including due diligence checks on all our internal procedures and a review of our sophisticated web based CRM system.

Only three months to go before the TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection 4th January deadline for all systems above 12kw

6th, 2010 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News

As of the beginning of October there is now only three months to go before the 4th January deadline for all systems above 12kw to have a TM44 air conditioning Assessment undertaken on each Operators building. The number of enquiries coming through our door are increasing by the week as Companies gear up. We are currently undertaking a number of Hospital schemes including Cumbria NHS Trust, and we have staff who have been security vetted for Police buildings. A significant number of Police Forces have been using our air conditioning inspection services to bring their buildings into line before the end of this year.

ACI Reports have been commissioned to undertake the TM44 Inspection on 60 Stores for one of the UKs largest clothing Retailers.

October 1st, 2010 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News

“ACI Reports have been commissioned to undertake 60 Stores for one of the UKs largest clothing Retailers. The Stores are currently being completed over an eight week period and we hope there is more to follow. We have also embarked on a programme to produce other data for the client as a commencement of the Group producing Display Energy Certificates throughout their portfolio. In choosing ACI Reports the client had made a  decision to ensure independence in its reporting procedures.”

Air conditioning Assessments - A bigger impact than you might think

October 1st, 2010 | By Chris | Category: Air Conditioning Inspections

This article provides a brief overview of the rules regarding Air Conditioning Assessments.  The Government may start to fine those who do not comply as we get into the New Year, warns Chris Rodgers of ACI Reports Ltd.

The property industry should now be familiar with Energy Performance Certificates (EPC’s”). The general rule is that an EPC is needed when a property is bought, sold or re-let. Many organisations will also be getting used to the CRC requirements and the opportunities from FITs. 

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ELCAS ex forces funding first Air con Assessor course

December 22nd, 2009 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News

The first ex forces candidate to be funded through the ELCAS scheme to join the ACI Panel has now passed through, we at ACI Reports are delighted with this and seek more ex forces ELCAS people to join up.

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Major Northern property group sends its first batch of ACI instructions to ACI reports

December 7th, 2009 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News, Air Conditioning Inspections

We are delighted to announce that a major Northern property group has sent through its first batch of buildings over 250Kw as part of their commencement of next years Air Conditioning Inspection report programme.

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AC inspection figures

September 29th, 2009 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News, Air Conditioning Inspections

FIGURES from energy services firms show a fall in the number of new inspection contracts placed in recent months, despite the fact that tens of thousands of inspections, which were required by January 4, 2009, are still to be carried out.

It is estimated that fewer than 1,000 buildings are compliant - less than 2% of the 50,000 in England and Wales which are believed to have required a first inspection by the January 4 deadline.

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Contractors - your obligations on F Gas Inspections

29th, 2009 | By ACR-News | Category: F Gas R22 HFCs

I employ engineers who work on RAC Systems containing F gases – who needs re-training?

You must use only qualified personnel for installation, commissioning, service or other refrigerant handling activities on stationery RAC systems that use HFC or HCFC refrigerants. The qualifications that are acceptable in the interim period - CITB J01 and C&G 2078 - do not meet the new minimum standards set out in Commission Regulation 303/2008, but where individual hold these certificates issued before 9th March 2009 they are considered to be be valid until July 2011 to work on RAC containing F gases. The only exception is for those working on equipment with a refrigerant charge of less than 3 kg where there may also be the option to hold an in-house qualification or to apply for an interim certificate based on previous experience 
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F Gas Certification

September 29th, 2009 | By Chris | Category: ACI Reports News, F Gas R22 HFCs

ACI Reports now have the capacity to undertake F Gas certification in addition to their air conditioning assessment core business. Chris Rodgers has made it clear  to the growing network of clients and panel members that the Company seeks to extend its services beyond AC Reports into F Gas certification and legionella testing/certification. Client demand is starting to show through for a one stop shop of compliance in this sector, moving towards CRC compliance next year. 

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ACI Reports air conditioning training scheme APEL route for those with prior experience.

July 17th, 2009 | By Chris | Category:
ACI Reports News

APEL (Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning) Candidates with existing experience in the design, installation, servicing/maintenance or inspection of air-conditioning systems, may qualify for the APEL route to accreditation.

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Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems

June 9th, 2009 | By Chris | Category:
Air Conditioning Inspections

" For those wanting to understand more about their responsibilities on ACI Reports the bible has got to be TM44;Inspection of Air Conditioning Systems, this provides guidance on carrying out the required air conditioning inspections. Building Energy managers should at least take time to read the introductory section 1 and the explanitory section 6 , its worth the cost to any person about to place a large ACI order , or ask us of course , we will explain whats needed . Available through at about £40.00 "

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F-Gas testing to meet European Regulation (EC ) 842/2006

June 9th, 2009 | By Chris | Category: F Gas R22 HFCs

Apart from ACI Reports , Chris Rodgers has made it clear that the new Company will shortly be offering F-Gas testing to meet European Regulation (EC ) 842/2006 , the F - Gas Regulation which came into force on 4 July 2007 , and requires regular inspections of some refrigeration systems to test for leakage of fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant from systems. Some refrigeration systems containing cfc or hcfc refrigerants may already be subject to regular leakage testing under other regulations and the legislation is only set to get tighter "

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