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News Items 2015 - 2018

If you work with air conditioning in any way, you may have heard about the new R32 refrigerant. You may also wonder to yourself ‘why the new change? And why now?

Sep 28
, 2018 By ACI Reports |  Category: F GAS R22 HFCs

Carl Dickinson of Mitsubishi Electric looks at the background to the use of R32 refrigerant in air conditioning units.

The UK air conditioning market moved to R410A refrigerant in 2006 as it offered higher efficiencies, achieved by operating at higher pressures and the introduction on inverter technology in DX split systems. It also replaced R22 refrigerant which was banned because of its potential to damage the ozone layer and the HFC R407C.

R410A though is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and partly responsible for the greenhouse effect on the Earth. In 1999 the Kyoto Protocol on global warming listed HFC refrigerants that were contributing to global warming.

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In early 2018 the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard (MEES) Regulations were introduced for commercial premises. ACI Reports provide an update on activity at July 2018, and market affects.

Jul 10
, 2018 By ACI Reports |  Category: EPBD

The MEES Regulations were introduced on 1 April 2018 with the stated aim of encouraging landlords and property owners to improve the energy efficiency of their properties. They are an
extension to the regulatory system imposed in 2008 which introduced Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) for commercial property. It is now unlawful to let commercial premises which have an EPC rating of F or G.

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MEES: a guide to the minimum energy efficiency standard for commercial buildings A guide for landlords, investors, developers and lenders on the new legal standard for minimum energy efficiency and requirement for EPCs.

Sep 14
, 2017 By ACI Reports |  Category: EPBD

From April 2018, a new legal standard for minimum energy efficiency will apply to rented commercial buildings. The new legal standard brings threats and opportunities for landlords, freehold investors, developers and lenders. Importantly, actions are needed in respect of obtaining and understanding the EPC grades of building stock.

Our briefing explains how the new legal standard will work, the impact it will have on landlords, freehold investors and lenders, the penalties for non-compliance and steps that you should take now to prepare.

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Government adopt targets to slash greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 – proof that Brexit will not affect UK drive on Climate Change.

Jun 30
, 2016 By ACI Reports |  Category: EPBD

The Government will on 30th June 2016 adopt targets to slash Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2030 as it seeks to show its commitment to tackling climate change. TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections are a fundamental part of the management of the use of Greenhouse Gasses and their treatment on disposal,

Ministers will lay Regulations in Parliament for the "fifth carbon budget", which governs the reductions in greenhouse gases for the period 2028 to 2032, and will accept recommendations from advisers for a 57% cut by 2030.

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New Scottish Energy Regulations could hit finances for commercial property owners North of the border.

Feb 20
, 2016 By ACI Reports |  Category: EPBD

The Scottish Government has now published new rules aimed at improving the energy efficiency of commercial properties.

These draft regulations – the Assessment of Energy Performance of Non-Domestic Buildings (Scotland) – are scheduled to come into force on September 1, this year.

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ACI Reports Increase TM44 Capacity.

Jan 04
, 2016 By ACI Reports |  Category: ACI Reports

In the past 3 months of 2015 ACI Reports has seen its busiest period yet, with more Government/Retail and Commercial Clients placing Orders and TM44 renewals from 5 years ago, when ACI were undertaking their early TM44 Reports. In recent weeks we have has Assessors undertaking TM44 Surveys in such far flung places as Guernsey, Jersey, The Scilly Isles, the Isle of Man, the Highlands of Scotland (including not only Inverness and Aberdeen but also Islands of Scotland). We have even had enquiries for Portfolios of properties throughout mainland Europe, based on the UK TM44 Regulations.

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ESOS enforcement position and the Environment Agency ”climb down” on Penalties and dates if you act correctly.

Nov 20
, 2015 By ACI Reports |  Category: ESOS

The Environment Agency have stated on 20th October that;

“The ESOS Regulations 2014 set out the scheme’s requirements and include potential penalties for non-compliance.

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ESOS increases British Standard BS EN ISO 50001 applications, which contain a requirement to have TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Reports on all relevant buildings.

Oct 29
, 2015 By ACI Reports |  Category: ESOS

Large companies in the UK are now required to lodge an ESOS Report by 5th December 2015, although the Environment Agency is taking a soft approach and will not be too hard on this until March 2016. All the large Companies caught by ESOS will be well aware of their responsibilities as they will have received numerous letters from the Environment Agency.

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ACI Reports re-commence TM44 training programmes.

Oct 28
, 2015 By JP |  Category: ACI Reports

This year, 2015, has seen unprecedented growth for ACI Reports and we are pleased to see that 2016 is going to beat all records. The Company has seen new enquiries arriving daily from all Sectors, many of those opportunities come from potential Clients who are moving towards us as industry leaders and because we are able to offer high volume, high quality TM44 Reporting at a sensible price. In order for large numbers of TM44 Reports to continue to be processed in due time the Head Office team has recently been increased, both from a general management perspective, but also with an extra Auditor being employed. ACI Reports have always maintained stringent quality control procedures in TM44 Reporting, and with up to 500 TM44 audits taking place each week, the team continue to be busy.

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Beware of the EPC requirements on commercial buildings, just around the corner.

Oct 25
, 2015 By JP |  Category: EPBD

Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) are due to be introduced by Government legislation from 2018 (new leases including lease renewals), and from 2023 for all existing leases, and it will have a major effect on the markets.

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Independence in TM44 Reporting – don’t make it an issue for you !

Oct 25
, 2015 By JE |  Category: EPBD

ACI Reports have been warning building owners for years that the EPBD Regulations call for all TM44 Reports to be undertaken in an “independent manner” which is fairly obvious if you think about it.

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The TM44 order book for ACI Reports is now at its highest levels ever.

Aug 15
, 2015 By JE |  Category: ACI Reports

Having seen month on month growth throughout 2015. This increase in TM44 Inspections is in line with the long term strategy at ACI of providing customers with high quality TM44 Reporting, supplemented with EPC Certification. 2014 was the first year that TM44 Renewals started to come through our door. Loyal Clients have now been with us for 6 years and we are now providing those Clients with Renewal TM44 Assessments. Interestingly, many new Clients are approaching ACI Reports as their historic provider has gone out of business, leaving them exposed to Trading Standards fines and missing reports. The consequences of not having lodged TM44 Reports when it was not mandatory in 2010 and 2011 are that, for many customers, the reports cannot be found.

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TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections Highlands of Scotland.

Jun 15
, 2015 By JE |  Category: ACI Reports

ACI Reports are pleased to announce that they have won a major TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Report project in the Highlands of Scotland against competition in a Public Tender. The contract is over a three year period. This portfolio of buildings brings its own challenges are many are in remote locations and on Islands.

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ISO 14001 and TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections.

May 14
, 2015 By JE |  Category: TM44 Enforcement

ISO 14001 is an issue that is being raised almost daily in respect of TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Reports, here at ACI Reports Ltd. We have been making clients aware for some time that not having a TM44 in place will cause the failure of an ISO 14001 audit as it is a legal requirement.

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Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MMES) for non-domestic buildings are just around the corner.

May 14
, 2015 By JE |  Category: EPBD

In 2018, less than 3 years from now, the MMES Legislation will come into force, like it or not. The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard has been set at an EPC Grade E and any large building portfolio operator who ignores this is heading for trouble, say ACI Reports. The final enactment of the MMES Legislation commenced in March 2015 and will introduce a restriction in England and Wales on letting properties that do not meet the minimum requirements. Landlords are going to be forced to improve their properties upon lease renewal or upon signing a new lease.

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Feb 12
, 2015 By JE |  Category: EPBD

The new regulations (including EPC ratings) that make it illegal for landlords to rent out the most energy inefficient buildings from April 2018 have now been presented to Parliament and Landlords better make sure that they have buildings with a minimum performance grade of an EPC E say ACI Reports.

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Northern Ireland Compliance EPBD Regulations on TM44 Air Conditioning Inspection Reports.

Jan 28
, 2015 By JE |  Category: TM44 Enforcement

ACI Reports are in dialogue with a number of Councils in Northern Ireland in response to the setting up of a "task force” in Northern Ireland, who’s remit appears to be to ensure that the Region has its building stock completely compliant with the EPBD Regulations on Air Conditioning Inspection Reports. Northern Ireland are the first Region in the UK to tackle non-compliance in large scale; this is being processed by the Building Control departments of each Local Council, who are sending letters out to non-compliant building operators. The number of letters being sent out has increased dramatically in recent weeks.

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