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The European Union's obligations under the Kyoto protocol to regulate fluorinated gas news.

F-Gas regulations HCFC phase out - Important announcement by Chemical Compliance Team, National Trading & Regulatory Services, Environment Agency.

14, 2014 By JD

ACI Reports continually monitor upcoming Legislation changes and how these will affect our clients. We have been advising on the rollout of R22 replacement programmes for some years now; the deadline is now here. The Environment Agency has just sent out its final reminder, which is attached, and we would encourage all equipment Operators to read the advice. Our TM44 surveys have been carrying advice and warning notices since 2009 and continue to do so. Having a TM44 Report undertaken (which is mandatory), will highlight any R22 present, and in getting this in place not only would make a client TM44 compliant, but also provide added value notes on R22.

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New EU Regulations on refrigerants

07, 2014 By CR

New EU Regulations mean that millions of air conditioning and refrigeration systems in the UK and across Europe are to be caught out, and need to take measured action on equipment change over time.

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Greenhouse Gas Regulations (GHG) Explained – Urgent action required for Quoted Companies, as defined under the Companies Act. 

Jul 4th, 2012 By CR

In 2012 the Government announced that it would introduce regulations requiring Companies to report on their greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Climate Change Act 2008. This brief note sets out the consequences and how ACI Reports can help, with the introduction of its SiteSmart data gathering, F Gas “Log” production software, and its automatic production of an F Gas Register. Initially the regulations will apply to all quoted companies, as defined under the Companies Act 2006.1.

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EU environment committee votes to ban HFCs, which is going to effect the U.K. 

Jun 26th, 2012 By NOrm

The European Parliament's environment committee has voted to ban HFCs in new equipment from 2020. The overwhelming vote by 48 votes to 19 is the latest stage in the planned revisions to the F-gas Regulations but will still have to be ratified by Parliament. However, this is likely to go through, on the basis that the U.K. Government is determined to see itself as a “Green Party” leading up to the next election.

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Banned R22 rollout gets closer

18th, 2013 | By Neil

ACI Reports are seeing increasing desperation on a Worldwide scale as Countries come to terms with R22 and other ozone depleting substances being phased out. Every week there are news stories such as those below, and we are stressing to our clients that they must address the issue regarding R22 replacement programmes. The failure of a client to have measures in place to deal with ageing R22 equipment is potentially critical to their business. For some, simply dealing with breakdowns and replacing equipment as it fails is an answer, for others it is business critical.

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ACI Reports start R22 consultation replacement programme

17th, 2013 | By LR

R22 F Gas is one of the most overlooked sections of the TM44 report and yet the TM44 highlights where this gas, and indeed other banned gasses such as R12 and R10 are found. Worldwide, Governments are determined to stop the use of HCFC gasses and have introduced legislation which is very serious, in fact it can lead to criminal proceedings. Almost every week, criminals are jailed for production and use of illegal gasses throughout the World. This legislation comes into full force in th UK in January 2015 through the Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases Regulations 2009.

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The following press release from the European Commission has been issued very recently and strengthens the E.U. resolve to remove HFCs from the E.U. It follows that there will be consequences to the U.K. and as ACI Reports tracks what is happening with this emerging legislation, existing and new clients will be informed of the implications.

12th, 2012 | By JP

We are informed that the ACRIB F Gas Implementation Group will issue a statement in the not too distant future.

The European Commission took an important step today towards long-term climate objectives by presenting a proposal to significantly reduce emissions of fluorinated gases (F-gases). Emissions of F-gases, which have a warming effect up to 23,000 times more powerful than carbon dioxide, have risen by 60% since 1990, while all other greenhouse gases have been reduced. The proposed Regulation aims to reduce F-gas emissions by two-thirds of today's levels by 2030. It also bans the use of F-gases in some new equipment, such as household fridges, where viable more climate-friendly alternatives are readily available.

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Contractors - your obligations on F Gas Inspections

29th, 2009 | By ACR-News

I employ engineers who work on RAC Systems containing F gases – who needs re-training?

You must use only qualified personnel for installation, commissioning, service or other refrigerant handling activities on stationery RAC systems that use HFC or HCFC refrigerants. The qualifications that are acceptable in the interim period - CITB J01 and C&G 2078 - do not meet the new minimum standards set out in Commission Regulation 303/2008, but where individual hold these certificates issued before 9th March 2009 they are considered to be be valid until July 2011 to work on RAC containing F gases. The only exception is for those working on equipment with a refrigerant charge of less than 3 kg where there may also be the option to hold an in-house qualification or to apply for an interim certificate based on previous experience 
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F Gas Certification

September 29th, 2009 | By Chris

ACI Reports now have the capacity to undertake F Gas certification in addition to their air conditioning assessment core business. Chris Rodgers has made it clear  to the growing network of clients and panel members that the Company seeks to extend its services beyond AC Reports into F Gas certification and legionella testing/certification. Client demand is starting to show through for a one stop shop of compliance in this sector, moving towards CRC compliance next year. 

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F-Gas testing to meet European Regulation (EC ) 842/2006

June 9th, 2009 | By Chris

Apart from ACI Reports , Chris Rodgers has made it clear that the new Company will shortly be offering F-Gas testing to meet European Regulation (EC ) 842/2006 , the F - Gas Regulation which came into force on 4 July 2007 , and requires regular inspections of some refrigeration systems to test for leakage of fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant from systems. Some refrigeration systems containing cfc or hcfc refrigerants may already be subject to regular leakage testing under other regulations and the legislation is only set to get tighter "

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