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TM44 Air Conditioning Inspector Accreditation


APEL (Approval of Prior Experienced Learning) (candidates with previous experience) distance learning course 995.00 + vat. Candidates with existing experience in the design, installation, servicing/maintenance or inspection of air-conditioning systems, may qualify for the APEL route to accreditation.

This involves the candidate submitting details of relevant training and experience for assessment against the National Occupational Standard (NOS) framework. Once the assessor's experience is deemed suitable, and the first three assessments completed to be awarded for competence. On completion of this, the assessor is granted full accreditation status.

Full support to full Accreditation sign off.

Our Apel course is for candidates who wish to work with us. ACI Reports work with some of the largest UK companies in the UK who undertake ACI at level 3 and 4.



 Training Questions

Is there there a career in this?

Is the job market full of qualified people?

I have some prior experience, will this help?

Why would Companies comply?

Whats APEL?

Will there be much competition?

Could the Government decide to suddenly not bother with ACI Reports?

I want to be APEL Accredited, how do I apply?


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