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Display Energy Certificates (DEC)

Display Energy Certificate (DEC) and advisory reports are required for all “Public” buildings with a total useful floor area over 1,000m2 that are occupied in whole or part by public authorities and by institutions providing public services. This has been the case since 2008. What has changed in January 2013 is that this size ratio has been reduced to 500m2, although once the first visit has been undertaken, the building need not have an update for 10 years. In 2015 the size limit is to be reduced to 250m2, and at ACI Reports we believe the update time is likely to be brought into line with the larger buildings; i.e. Annual.

Large building DECs must be renewed every 12 months; many have forgotten this and have outdated DECs, and are therefore breaking the law. What is also being discovered, in large numbers, is that the early DECs were not reflective of what was being found on site, and were incorrect. This was a symptom of the Assessors being newly qualified and inexperienced in those early days. Site visits only need to be undertaken every 5 years, we see many enquiries coming in to us on a “1 plus 4” basis which is one visit, plus four desktop reports to follow, annually. Importantly, and this is an area of serious concern on the DEC world, the SAME ASSESSOR must undertake the desktop surveys as undertook the first site visit for the desktop reports to be valid. Building owners are therefore urged to use only robust companies to undertake DECs, as they may find themselves having to pay for new site visits if the Assessor Company is not contracted for 5 years.

A Display Energy Certificate shows the energy performance of a building based on actual energy consumption as recorded annually over periods up to the last three years (the Operational Rating). The DEC also shows an Asset Rating when first undertaken. A DEC is valid for one year and must be updated annually if the building exceeds 1000m2. In Scotland, EPCs and DECs are combined and Assessors need to be qualified to undertake Scottish work. ACI Reports regularly undertake work in Scotland, so this is not an issue.

The Operational Rating (OR) is a numerical indicator of the actual annual carbon dioxide emissions from the building. The various types of energy consumption from occupying a building must be brought together on a common basis so that the performance of one building can be compared with that of another. The OR is based on the amount of energy consumed during the occupation of the building over a period of 12 months.

This rating is shown on a scale from A to G, and is displayed on a certificate which we issue upon completion. Also shown are the Operational Ratings for the previous two years; this provides information on whether the energy performance of the building is improving or not.

Collating information, in collaboration with the our Energy Assessor, is something the client needs to do. ACI Reports will need to obtain actual meter readings or consignment notes for all fuels used in the buildings. This may include gas fuels, oil fuels, solid fuels, district heating and cooling, grid electricity and electricity generated on site or obtained by private distribution systems from other sites.

For district heating and cooling and electricity generated on site, or obtained by private distribution systems from other sites, the average carbon factor for the fuel over the accounting period will need to be obtained.

ACI Reports undertake DECs at high volume throughout the UK, particularly within the Local Authority and schools sector. We have staff who are qualified to undertake not only DECs but also EPCs and TM44 Air Conditioning Assessments. We also advise all clients to check whether they have air conditioning, and read this section on our website; there is also legislation in addition to DECs which could cause Trading Standards to issue a fine for non- compliance due to not having a report called a TM44.

DFP officials and Building Control officers from the relevant District Council area have the duty of enforcement on DECs. These officers can act on complaints from the public or make random investigations themselves and if they believe that the building is subject to any of the duties under the Regulations, they can request production of the relevant documents. This information must be provided within 7 days of the request and the enforcement officers may take copies of any documents provided for inspection. Failure to comply with the request of the enforcement officers, or the Regulations, may result in the issue of a penalty charge notice. The penalty for each breach is £500 for failing to display a DEC at all times in a prominent place clearly visible to the public and £1,000 for failing to have possession of a valid advisory report.

All building owners seeking such awards as Green Cloak, Eco School, Green Deal finance, ISO 14001 and Carbon Trust accreditation should be aware that a lack of DEC and/or TM44 Air conditioning report could cause failure to maintain or achieve an award. Nearly 70% of schools on England and Wales are on the Eco Schools programme, particularly in that sector, Head Teachers are encouraged to call us on 0845 519 0221 for independent, impartial advice on next steps.

Our offering in this sector is as follows;

  •  Instant quotations, we just need an e mail with the building type and size
  •  National Coverage with similar offering to our F Gas division
  •  £5 Million PI cover

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