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ESOS (Energy Savings and Opportunities Scheme): An opportunity for your business, or a severe penalty – ACI Reports lead the way as Lead Assessors or Building Surveyors.

ACI Reports can analyse your commitments and provide a low cost solution.

What is the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)?

ESOS is new piece of EU Legislation which requires Member States to introduce a mandatory programme of energy audits for ‘large enterprises’.

This means over 9000 of Britain’s biggest companies will be required to comply – with completed audits to be undertaken by December 2015.


The Energy Savings and Opportunities Scheme (ESOS) requires all large UK businesses to assess their energy consumption on a four year cycle from 5 December 2014. The latest guidance was issued in September 2014. Some will see this as just a cost – ACI Reports already survey over 100 Commercial Buildings each week, and have the staff in place to complete the building survey element of the ESOS requirement; for Operators of large numbers of buildings this is the biggest cost area.

ESOS requires mandatory energy assessment and energy saving identification for all large undertakings and their corporate groups with 250+ employees or an annual turnover of €50m (approx. £40m) and an annual balance sheet of €43m (approx. £34m). Obligated businesses will have to measure all energy consumption and determine areas of significant energy use (90% of spend/use) whilst considering the implementation of systems and to ensure compliance and reporting to the Environment Agency. This will all be determined by your Lead Assessor which ACI Reports can provide.

Whatever is thought of the scheme, you must comply.

Businesses need to act now – It is essentual to start planning now.

There is only 12 months to complete the first phase of surveys and reporting, which need to be lodged by December 2015, or significant fines follow, and these rise by the day.

When Do I Need To Act?

The date for assessing if your business fits the qualifying criteria is 31 December 2014. Compliance with ESOS is then expected by 5th December 2015, so in order to minimise business risk, your Organisation should be thinking about this legislation now, and start survey work early in 2015.

If we ignore the scheme what are the consequences?

In September 2014 the Environment Agency published its latest guide on fines, and they will be as follows;

  • The December 2015 deadline for submitting the Audits; don’t meet this and it’s a £50,000.00 fine plus £500.00 per day for each day of non-compliance up to £40,000.00

  • Total fines could therefore amount to £90,000.00 and then the Environment Agency may take additional action.

  • The Environment Agency have disclosed that they will display the details of non-compliant Companies, and the fines, on their website.

Where do I start?

ACI Reports have taken the mystery out of ESOS, it’s not hard to comply, but actions are necessary straight away.

All you need is;

  • A Lead Assessor.

  • DEC qualified surveyors who can provide consistent results.

  • A willing Energy Department to supply data.

  • A fully considered sampling approach appropriate to your business.

  • ACI Reports have the necessary staff, working Nationally.

How can I comply with ESOS?

  • Organisations are required to review the total energy use and energy efficiency of the organization and identify cost-effective energy savings opportunities by undertaking an energy audit.

  • The various routes to compliance:

    • ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) certification is a direct route to ESOS compliance. If you have ISO 50001 certification you will be considered to have met the obligations of the ESOS scheme; if not, this is an expensive option.

    • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) certification is not a direct route to compliance, however evaluating energy use as an environmental impact provides a good starting point for organizations. It is also a great base to work from to gain ISO 50001 (energy management) certification, an expensive route to ESOS.

    • Undertake Green Deal Assessments or DECs on all buildings. ACI Reports advocate ESOS DECs

    • You can use BS EN 16247-1 (Energy audits) on buildings as part of ESOS; more expensive than ESOS DECs, the ACI Reports chosen route.

Maximise payback and reduce the cost of your scheme.

ESOS may be viewed as yet another level of time-intensive and costly enviro-compliance on top of the existing Carbon Reduction Commitment, Mandatory Carbon Reporting and Climate Change Levy. ACI Reports recognise that most clients seek low cost solutions, the large Clients that this Legislation affects already have Energy Managers, ESOS is just another tool for them to use.

Our existing independent team will organise all necessary building surveys for ESOS and either work with the Clients own Lead Assessor, or we will complete the whole process.

  1. ESOS is here: We’re already in Phase 1, get Registered.

  2. It’s mandatory: If ESOS applies to you, you’ve got to comply.

  3. Investment is minimal: Typical audits cost just a fraction of energy spend, ACI Reports have a low cost building survey and sampling solution.

  4. Act quickly: You must register by December 2014 to avoid the fines starting, and then get going with your programme, you only have 12 months.

  5. Avoid the fines: - for not registering it will cost £5,000 in December 2015, plus £500 per day, then an additional £50,000 in the same month plus £500 per day for not complying.

  6. Maximum ROI: Implement the improvements we recommend and recover the initial outlay, but you can sort that out later, the important thing is to hit the required dates.

More Facts About The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme

  • The scheme is estimated to lead to £1.6bn net benefits to the UK.

  • Energy audit data collated since December 2011 for other schemes such as the Carbon Trust Standard, DECs and Green Deal Assessments, could be eligible to be used as part of your ESOS energy audit.

  • ESOS energy audits must be carried out by, or overseen/approved by a recognised Lead Assessor (ACI Reports have Lead Assessors or you can use your own In House).

  • ESOS will consider an Organisation’s entire energy usage including energy use per employee, buildings, transport, industrial and commercial processes.

  • For large property portfolio operators and owners, 90% of buildings may need to be surveyed, and possibly 100%. - ACI Reports ESOS surveyors can do this work.

  • It will be necessary to undertake a new assessment every four years, but the first one needs to be complete by December 2015

  • The Environment Agency will be the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme Administrator for the United Kingdom.

  • The Environment Agency will issue its final Technical Document (TM) on how to deal with precise detail during the latter part of 2014; ACI Reports will advise further.

  • Fines have now been finalised, and they are severe.

  • Public sector organisations will be exempt because they will have to comply with separate government procurement rules that require them to ensure that at least 3% of their floor areas are renovated each year to meet minimum energy performance requirements.

Why ACI Reports? – The largest producer of TM44 reports in the UK, EPC and DEC survey specialists

With a wealth of experience of energy efficiency, ACI Reports has a leading track record of delivering advice on how to undertake compliance reporting at low cost, utilising existing teams of surveyors who already provide EPBD advice, audits and assessments. We are acknowledged experts in compliance reporting and our accredited professionals can deliver ESOS energy audits or DECS to assist you with meeting compliance.

ACI Reports can help with carrying out a Gap Analysis’ to identify what information is already available and what (if any) further information you may need to comply. We can also help you look at the options and pinpoint the best route to compliance.

Importantly, one of the largest costs of ESOS will be surveying buildings, this is where ACI Reports lead in the UK. We have Lead Assessors, but recognise that Clients may wish to keep this role “in-house”, which is fine by us. We can therefore provide a seamless solution or become part of your team, providing low cost ESOS compliant building surveys. ACI Reports have developed bespoke sampling software for buildings; this software follows DEC methodology and is approved for ESOS.

It is most likely that you are already measuring and reporting on your energy consumption under existing Government policies, we can support you by advising on which existing schemes are deemed to be compliant with ESOS. What new and/or additional measures you need to consider and, most importantly, how you can benefit from ESOS and take advantage of the energy efficiency measures identified.

Contact ACI Reports ESOS manager

Chris Rodgers is leading this initiative and will provide unbiased straightforward advice. Contact; Chris on 01695 550 657 or 


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