1. Anti Slavery: whilst we are not bound by the modern slavery act due to our business size, we abide by its principles.
  2. Environmental Obligations: 
    1. Decisive, ambitious, transformative action on energy efficiency will improve the resilience and efficiency of our energy systems, improve access to clean, affordable energy services, and improve our economy to create jobs and enhance quality of life. Never before has such action been more urgent.
    2. ACI Reports is an independent company that focuses on UK environmental obligations within the built environment, we are passionate about not only preparing meaningful reports, but turning that reporting into money saving environmentally sound projects – our outcomes maintain a companies legal compliance, their environmental standards such as BS ISO 14001 and 50001, but more importantly set out a strategy to save money and carbon emissions at the same time.
  3. Zero Carbon
    1. A Zero Carbon future is coming, we provide part of that roadmap and will work with CSR teams to achieve goals that a company can shout about.
    2. Global energy efficiency improvements continue to deliver significant benefits for the climate and for energy consumers. Without energy efficiency improvements since 2000, the world would be using 13% more energy each year, and energy-related carbon emissions would be 14% higher.
    3. 32% of worldwide energy savings from efficiency improvements have come from buildings and appliances since 2000. Energy efficiency, mainly in buildings, will deliver more than one-third of the total greenhouse gas emission reductions in the future.
    4. With the right measures, within 20 years, buildings could be 40% more efficient than they are today. Applying best practice policies between now and 2040 would lead to a doubling of the average air conditioner efficiency.
    5. The United Kingdom enacted the Climate Change Act 2008. The Act is the world’s first legally binding national commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80% by 2050. This comprehensive policy framework with long-term statutory targets and objectives put climate change on the agenda across political parties and government departments. Its 2050 target sets long-term direction of the whole economy and its sequence of 5 year carbon budgets translate into near-term actions.
    6. The Committee on Climate Change plays an important role as an independent advisory body, tracking and reporting the progress.
    7. Legislation around TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections, EPCs and DECs are at the forefront of reporting on the performance of buildings. ACI Reports are making a difference, producing meaningful reports containing advice that leads to real change, both to our climate and our clients financial bottom line. Building efficiency is not just about saving money, it is at the forefront of many responsible companies CSR
  4. Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
    1. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT+) – we celebrate difference, we employ regardless of sexuality or gender preference; we simply want the best people, whoever they are.
    2. Physical and Mental Heath of our people is key; we all have challenges, our goal is to recognise them early, listen, and listen carefully. Then act responsibly and with real understanding.
    3. Gender Diversity and Opportunity – no barriers to promotion, pay or family leave.
    4. Social Mobility – we are entering a changed world, in our small way we are helping the planet, and socio-economic barriers have no place in our business. All good people deserve a chance.  
    5. Ethnicity – We want to be the employer of choice regardless of a candidate’s ethnicity, religion or belief. We have no diversity barriers; we aim at a Zero Carbon, Zero Barrier Inclusive Blue Planet

Read our full Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy here.

  1. Protection and Security
    1. For our customers
      1. Enhanced and ongoing internal legal screening of our Assessors
      2. Enhanced DBS verification (Enhanced Disclosure & Barring Service Checks are the highest level of DBS Check available and are generally required for positions that involve working with vulnerable groups, such as children, or vulnerable adults and the elderly.)
      3. BPSS verification. (Baseline Personnel Security Standard is the required level of screening for any individuals working with or on behalf of a government department. BPSS checks were created to help reduce the risk of illegal workers, identity fraud and overall protect national security. BPSS is also a standard level of screening in the communications, energy and financial sectors. This type of check confirms the identity of individuals when working with potentially sensitive information.
      4. NSVSSC Clearance (This is the National Security Vetting Solution which identifies those people who should be granted access to sensitive information or facilities.)
      5. NPPV2- CTC High Level Police clearance of selected Assessors
    2. For staff: this is not only to protect staff in the buildings whilst surveying, but also from the people in occupation. We run training courses to cover off specific risks.
      1. Risk analysis
      2. Asbestos awareness training (all staff are accredited UKATA standard)
      3. Anger management
      4. Ladder safety
      5. Lone working
      6. Track and Trace. We track where staff are for their protection