ACI Reports has an experienced team of commercial Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessors across the UK.

Our team supports a wide range of clients in ensuring regulatory compliance and improving the energy efficiency of their properties.

When is an Energy Performance Certificate Required?

It is a legal requirement to have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) when a building is constructed, modified, sold, or let. The building is rated from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and the results are written into a report with recommended measures for improvement. EPC reports should be renewed every 10 years, depending on certain criteria.

Our experienced team of accredited energy assessors work across the UK, focusing on achieving the highest possible EPC grade within legal parameters. While low ratings can have serious implications for property owners, our specialists will work closely with clients to generate the best possible report.

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Our Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) Services

ACI Reports is driven by a client-focused consulting approach. Alongside comprehensive Energy Performance Certificate surveys, we deliver value for each client with trusted recommendations and guidance on how to action them. This relationship plays a key role in enabling clients to mitigate risks, establish best practices, and save costs over the long term.

We can help with:

  • Office buildings
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Site with common or separate heating systems
  • Commercial new build developments
  • Shopping centres & retail units
  • Single commercial buildings
  • SBEM & SAP design for commercial new build projects
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What Is Included in an EPC Report?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) usually contains information about the building’s current energy usage and costs, as well as advice on how to reduce them. Clients should display their EPC somewhere within the property – ideally in the meter cupboard or beside the boiler.

An EPC will show:

  • The estimated energy costs of the property over 3 years
  • An energy efficiency rating (current & potential)
  • A summary of the property’s energy performance-related features
  • Actions that can be taken to save money & improve efficiency
  • The costs of potential improvement strategies against future savings
  • A carbon dioxide (CO2) rating (current & potential)

EPC Survey from ACI Reports

For over 15 years , ACI Reports has worked within some of the largest and most complex sites (including rolling programmes of EPCs for international PLCs). Thus, we are uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive technical guidance for a wide client base across the UK.

If you are looking for a professional and credible company to undertake a single EPC or multiple EPCs on your behalf, then please contact ACI Reports and talk to us about your project or scheme.

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ACI Reports has a team of experienced assessors ready to carry out EPC surveys and reports for your next project. Get in touch for a quotation!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EPC and why do you need one?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) is a report that assesses the energy efficiency of a building and is legally required when any building is sold, let, modified, or constructed.

The report considers the property’s energy performance-related features (e.g., insulation, lighting, heating, and hot water), its energy efficiency and cost, and recommendations for improvement.

How long is an EPC valid for?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) is valid for 10 years. However, if you carry out renovation work and think this will have improved the property’s energy efficiency, you may choose to get an updated certificate.

Is an EPC survey disruptive?

The energy performance certificate survey itself is non-intrusive and will not damage the building. However, an EPC report is thorough and requires access to all areas of the property. The size and ease of access will determine how much time the assessor will need.

Who can carry out an EPC survey?

EPC reports must be carried out by an accredited energy assessor, which you can find via the government’s official EPC register. ACI Reports only uses the best accredited energy assessors, making us a leading provider of EPCs with the capacity to deliver over 400 reports every month. Contact us to get started.